Is your business leading the pack?

When was the last time you looked for opportunities to improve your business? It is incredibly easy to become relaxed and employ a set and forget approach. Could this be causing your business to become stagnant or to get left behind in its industry?

Those managing high-performing businesses know that being proactive majorly impacts the achievement of continued results and the creation of growth in a business. This is why they ensure that they apply a continuous improvement approach to all areas of their business.  

Think about it like gardening: if you were to plant a seedling in your garden and leave it alone, not giving it any attention, water or fertilizer for months or years, would you be surprised if you returned and it was either shrivelled up or dying? Conversely, if you water, feed and nurture the seedling, it will continue to grow and produce more and more flowers.

The simplified methodology and process we use to help business owners achieve results and stay focused on growing their business is the continuous improvement lifecycle approach, which is explained below:

  • Review: What is the business’s baseline and where is the business now?

  • Assess: What opportunities are presented and what are the desired outcomes?

  • Adjust: Make modifications to current processes to refine and create more efficient ways of getting things done.

  • Action: Implement these adjustments and changes across the business and monitor the outcomes to measure their impact and whether they are creating the desired outcomes and vision that will result in improvement.

Most importantly, once the action point is reached, a reminder for six to twelve months’ time must be set in order to conduct the process again to see if any new opportunities exist. A clear vision backed by a detailed plan will generate excitement and passion. However, the most critical part of this journey is implementing changes to achieve results for your business.

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