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Do you want REAL help setting your prices?

Well, I’ve created a pricing calculator that will help you to nail your pricing to ENSURE you are not losing money

I know how DIFFICULT it can be to get your numbers right!

Does This Sound Familiar

You tend to procrastinate when it comes to your numbers.

You are unsure what sales you need each month to cover costs, let alone make a profit.

You’d prefer to go to the dentist than try and work things out in a spreadsheet because it is all TOO OVERWHELMING!

Financial jargon like margins, mark up, gross profit margins send you into a spin.

You have no idea if the price you have in mind will actually work for the long term.

It is time to fast track stepping into your financial mojo, and grab your pricing calculator right now.


Price Calculator + Profit Review

Now Just $37 [usually $57]

  • With this plug and play calculator, you’ll be able to  work out production costs, gross margin, markup % and much more.

  • Plus, it’ll auto calculate your expected profits and even help you set your sales targets.

  • AND it comes with an instructional video to make sure you’re plugging those all-important numbers into the right places.

  • The calculator will become the foundation of your pricing strategy and future growth planning.

Grap your plug and play calculator + explainer video now!

Trust me, once you're clear on your costs and have your pricing strategy under wraps, it becomes so much easier to focus your efforts on growing your business and achieve the results you are after.

What's Included

  • A comprehensive way to calculate the true cost of your product.

  • A listing of potential costs that could form part of your product cost.

  • Automated formulas for gross profit margin, mark up %, total business costs, and net profit.

  • How to work out what your current expected net profit is based on current sales volumes.

  • The ability to get excited about growing your business, by playing with your sales volumes.

  • It allows you to work through the calculations with 5 products lines.

BONUS: Video which explains everything, you can follow along easily to enter your information and understand what it all means for your business.

Imagine Knowing...

The difference between markup and margins [hint: this can make or break your business].

That you have room for wholesale if you want to.

What sales target you need to hit different levels of income.

What your production pricing needs to be.

That your price you’ve set is on the money.

Want Results Like This?

“No matter your level of experience in business without the confidence to understand your financials and business planning you are only scraping the tip of where you and your business could go with the help of Beyond CFO.

If I had my time again, I would have employed the services of Beyond CFO years ago.”


“Natalie has a gift to be able to explain and implement really difficult concepts in really easy to understand ways.

If you’re looking for someone to simplify what feels like complex terms, then Nat is the woman for the job! Working with Natalie is easy, enjoyable, supportive and absolutely worth it.”


About Me

Hi, I am Natalie, a strategic accountant with a personality [yes, we do exist]!

And what really excites me is combining numbers with a plan of action to help businesses achieve their goals.

My mission is to help business owners find their financial mojo and figure out all the financial stuff that doesn’t come easily. And my vision is to excite, encourage and develop the skills of eCommerce and start-up business owners to make the numbers make sense, to achieve growth and profitability in their business, no matter what that looks like.

My work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will make learning and business growth simple, fun and exciting, so that you can work on smashing your goals.

You don’t have to be great to start (or master your finances the first time), but you do have to start to be great. – Zig Ziglar


YES! This resource has been created so that anyone can plug in their numbers to get their customised financial information. Plus there is a how to video which shows you step by step how to use the template and what all this mumbo jumbo means.

Depends on how organised you currently are with knowing your business and product costs, once you have all these handy the template can be completed in under 20 minutes.

Certainly can, it will give you the minimum viable sales price by understanding your costs. And also help you consider what sales volumes approach you are after.

Yes! Once you download the template can be used on any system, just convert to your favourite file type – Excel/Numbers/Google Sheets.  

Get started on making your financial mojo a reality today.