Income and Profit Projection Calculator

Income + Profit Projection calculator

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Plug and play calculator (plus bonus video) to determine your monthly and annual income, plus simple yet detailed expense summaries to complete. All elements coming together to give you a profit projection by month and help you to truly understand your business bottom line.



This plug and play calculator helps product-based business to:

  • calculate expected revenue for up to 5 different products lines plus gives you the overall total per month
  • understand if your expected sales will cover all your costs
  • how much profit you will make when you sell the expected number of products, or if you need to sell more
  • includes all probable business expenses using built in common selections to choose from.

Comes with a bonus explainer stepping through all the elements of the template so you can easily learn everything you need to know about projections.



Each template comes with how-to instructions, tips and tricks so you can easily enter your information and understand what it all means for your business.

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