Project-Based Financial
Management Services


How It All Fits Together

Do you have a business opportunity that you need to canvas?
Do you have an upcoming business project that you need to strategise or plan for?
Are you keen to understand the big picture of your business and its potential?

From cashflow forecasts and budgets, to understanding key financial indicators in your business, you need to know where your business is at, where it’s heading and how it can reach its full potential. The key to business growth is reviewing all the numbers to understand every component that fits together to make your business profitable.

Help Looks Like This

Allowing you to gain certainty around your financial information to give you greater confidence to make important decisions around your business development and growth strategy. This service can assist with:

  • Determining whether to seize an opportunity or go for a tender.

  • Deciding to stock or develop a new product range.

  • Optimising your product range based on understanding their profitability and volumes.

  • Deciding when you can pay yourself or increase your wages.

  • Knowing how a shift in market will impact the business.
  • Ascertaining whether to integrate new software to grow the business.

  • Deciding whether to hire another staff member.

  • Understanding total working capital requirements to survive uncertainty.

  • Making capital purchases to increase output or provide efficiencies.

  • Resourcing requirements and productivity requirements.

How It Works

I will develop a tailored plan to gather relevant information which will follow a 3-step process:

1. Investigate

Review all elements of the project with the support of in-house knowledge from you and your team.

2. Analyse

Run detailed financial calculations and analyse the situation with scenario testing.

3. Report

Provide you with a summary of my findings, including any financial discoveries and potential outcomes to give you clarity and confidence.

How Do We Get Started?

We begin with a FREE 30-minute chat (valued at $299) to see if we are the right fit for each other.

After scoping the project in our initial 30-minute chat, I will provide a detailed proposal including an accurate investment cost for your business. Our project- based package starts from $1,499 (depending on inclusions).