If you’re starting or growing your business, you need to think about the numbers – what are your profit margins? Do you truly understand the cost of your product including your pricing and how to make more money? How do I plan for making sure I have enough cash to pay our suppliers, employees, taxes, or ourselves next month?

This can be very overwhelming for any business.

At Beyond CFO I work with business owners to lean into the numbers and break them down into simple, digestible pieces to genuinely understand what all these numbers mean for their business.

I help you understand how to use them, and which ones are important to paint the picture for your future alongside giving you ways to measure progress towards success.

What's Needed...

For business owners to kick goals and stay financially afloat, they need:

A deep understanding of their business financials.

To capture insight that allows them to be agile.

To make decisions confidently in an ever-changing business environment.

Your Options

Ongoing Consulting Services

It’s easy to see why some business owners avoid looking at their numbers. I know it is difficult to find time, and it quickly becomes overwhelming and frankly most business owners do not find it exciting and would prefer working on what they do best!

By working with me, you and your team will understand the connection between the financial information and your important operational decisions. And you will see how to power your business growth with certainty.

Project-Based Financial Management Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that a business decision you are making is backed with confidence? Well, you can.

I’ll work with you to map out your project, review any relevant information and run financial calculations to provide scenarios and give you a framework to give clarity around your decision making.

I’ll focus on key elements of the business including understanding how your operations impact your profitability, what growth potential the business has with upcoming changes or easing uncertainty around any new opportunities.

DIY tools and resources

Are you striving for real greatness in your business, but you are not ready to hire help to do it? There is so much you can do to help yourself and your business, and this is where my financial tools and resources come to your rescue.

Over several years, I have developed simple yet powerful DIY tools and resources that will kick start your journey to mastering your finances, all whilst staying focused on achieving your business goals.

These proven templates will upskill your knowledge and boost your confidence knowing you are directing your business (rather than your business running you).

Investing in understanding these business foundations will superpower your business.

Now you know a bit more about me, if you like what you see feel free to reach out and let’s chat about you and what you need.